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 Community Council AGM Agenda
Posted:    February 26, 2017 - 03:17 PM - Updated ,    By:    Lorraine Brooks 

            Annual General Meeting to be held on
        Monday 6th March 2017 in the Village Hall at
             7.00pm (No Executive meeting)
Revised time due to the need to cater for an 8pm Post Office Meeting
 (which was postponed on 23 February due to Storm Doris power cuts)

1. Welcome by the Chairman

2. Apologies

3. Matters Arising from the last AGM held on 7th March 2016

4. Chairmanís Annual Report

5. Treasurerís Report and Adoption of the Accounts

6. Election of Officers - see list below
  Other Nominations

7. Current Matters Arising:
    Fundraising Community
    Defibrillator Community
    Community Post Office (their meeting will follow AGM )
      Community Times (printed report available)
      Village Calendar (printed report available)
    Forthcoming Activities:    

8. Reports from Societies

9. A.O.B.

10.Meetings for 2017/18:  
    Wednesday 3rd May, Wednesday 5th July, Wednesday 6th September,
    Monday 30th October, Monday 8th January 2018 & AGM on Monday 5th March

Executive Committee

President:           Ken Willingale       Members:  Claire Buller
Vice President:      Bryan Smith                    Tricia Hall
Chairman:Rachel      Hitchcock                      Vicki Sargent
Vice Chairman:       Julie Clark                    Colin Ramsell
Treasurer:           Maggie Ryan                    John Parsonson
Secretary:           Lorraine Brooks                Iain Wright
Parish Council Rep:  Martyn Booth                   Colin Moule
Legal Advisor:       Katie Wright

General Publicity:   Lorraine Brooks      Nominations:
Poster Distribution: Hazel Gardiner*

* Volunteer not on Executive Committee

Contact:  Lorraine Brooks
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