Nayland Memorial to Lt. Charles F. Gumm

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Lt. Charles F. Gumm checking his Ammo Trays.

Photograph supplied by Gene Lamar from his father's "History in the Sky" the history of the 354th Fighter Group.

Lt. Charles F. Gumm in the cockpit of his Mustang.

Photograph from '354th Fighter Group'.

  War time portrait of Lt. Charles F. Gumm, depicting his downing of a Me-110.

Drawing: From 'History in the Sky'.

Lt. Charles F. Gumm with His Crew.

Photograph from 'Aces and Wingmen, Vol 2'.

  Newspaper report of Lt. Charles F. Gumm's  fatal crash.

Cutting from Stars and Stripes, March1944.


P51-B Mustang Fighter similar to the one flown by Lt. Charles F. Gumm.

Photograph from Stars and Stripes Vol. 4, No. 62 January 1944.

  P51-B Mustang Fighters arrive in England.

Photograph: Anon.

  HMS Athlone Castle - the ship that transported Lt. Charles Gumm to England.

Photograph: Anon.

  P51-B Mustang Fighters at Boxted Airfield.

Photograph: Anon.

  Background to Lt. Charles F. Gumm's arrival and service in England.

Image from Newsweek - 1st October, 1943.

  Aerial view of Boxted Airfield taken in 1943.

Photograph: Taken at Boxted Airfield History Day, 7th March, 2004.
  The insignia of the 355th Fighter Squadron.

Image supplied by Daniel Carrizales,

  The insignia of the 354th Fighter Group.

Image from the website.
Lt. Gumm with Wife Muriel and baby daughter, Toni (after whom he named both his assigned aircraft).

Photograph supplied by Richard Turner.

Interior of St James's Church, Nayland.

Picture: From Postcard.

March 2001 - Dedication of a new bench located in the centre of Nayland, near the War Memorial.

Photograph from Essex Standard Report.

Bench in Memory of Lt. Charles F. Gumm located in the centre of Nayland Village.

Photograph by Terence Wilson

Close up of bench showing dedication.


Photograph by Terence Wilson.

Recent photograph showing wreath laid by the 'Boxted Airfield Historical Group' in memory of Lt. Charles F. Gumm.

Photograph by Chris Hunt.
Brass plate on bench (left-top) with inscription to Lt. Charles F. Gumm Jr.

Photograph by Graham W Griffiths.
Brass plate (right-top) on bench with apt poem by Leo Marks.

Photograph by Graham W Griffiths.
Photograph taken on Armistice Day, 11th November, 2003 showing the Nayland War Memorial with Lt. Charles F. Gumm's bench to the right.

Photograph by Graham Griffiths.

  Photograph taken of the memorial plaque at Greenwood Memorial Terrace in his home town of Spokane, Washington, United States of America.

Photograph by Kent E. Salsby - great nephew of Charles Gumm.

  Lt. Charles F. Gumm's wife, Muriel, at the 354th Fighter Group Association 2004 Reunion in Washington, DC.

Photograph supplied by Daniel Carrizales,

Judy Garland, relative of Lt. Gumm.

First publicity photo of Frances Ethel "Baby" Gumm as "Judy Garland", Chicago, 1934. By Anon.